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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Services:

We provide comprehensive Next Generation sequencing services. Our offerings include standard as well as highly customized data analysis services along with biological interpretation as per the requirement. Our expertise includes but is not limited to the major next generational sequencing (NGS) workflows for DNA, RNA and small RNA, metadata overlay, data mining, biological contextualization, and  pathway analysis. All workflow steps include data type specific alignment and QC, coupled with powerful Genome Browser explorations to enable visual validations.

Innovative Informatica Technologies provides range of NGS Data Analysis services from different sequencing platform (illumina, 454, Ion-Torrent, PacBio, Nanopores etc) including

  • Whole Genome sequencing

  • Whole Exome sequencing

  • Chip-Sequencing 

  • Methylome-Sequencing 

  • RNA sequencing

  • MicroRNA-Sequencing 

  • Targeted re-sequencing (Exome-Seq)

  • DNA-Seq (Genome variant Detection) 

  • 16S / 28S / ITS rRNA Metagenomics

  • Metatranscriptome

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