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Innovative Informatica Technologies is one of its kind Bioinformatics organization specialized in handling computational gene to drug discovery research and consulting services. We provide R&D services in the area of genomics data analysis for variant identification (SNP's/ Mutations)  and their impact on structural and functional aspects of protein to structure and ligand based drug discovery, screening of large chemical space for potential lead molecules through virtual screening, docking, ADMET predictions and molecular dynamic simulation techniques. 

Our Mission



The mission of our Innovative Informatica Technologies is to be ready as next generation researchers in bioinformatics and computational biology in both academia and industry by capitalizing on the efficiency of technology to serve and help researchers achieve their research goals using  compu-tational power and techniques via our efficient management & team.

Our Vision



To establish and maintain collaborations with Laboratories and institutes across globe which are involved in related areas of research area of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. We are determined to strive constantly to make Innovative Informatica Technologies a leading high quality service provider in Computational gene to drug discovery research domain.

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